Today was a Wednesday kinda haha. We had the Wednesday schedule with a late start! We played dodgeball in first period, against the other bowling class that we alternate bowling and gym with! It was fun!

For lunch I went to a place called Asian King Buffet! I went there with 7 girls and I was the only guy… Haha it felt so weird, but a guy there came up to me and he was like, Daaamn you are a lucky guy haha 😂

After school before practice they announced that our meet that we were supposed to attend tomorrow got cancelled.  We all were supposed to leave in the morning and go compete!! But I guess the weather is too bad or something…

Haha our practice today was different… There’s still snow on the track and of course the plow truck plowed all the snow into the long jump sand pit… We thought we were gonna be able to jump today but we were wrong haha… So the practice for us jumpers was to chop and shovel snow and do some drills 😛 After we went to Menchies, a frozen yogurt place! It’s so freakin good :))

Later I went home for dinner, Rachel had a friend over sooo it was chaos.. 😉 After dinner Thorsen picked me up and we picked some others up too. We were supposed to go to his house but they wanted food and sweets so we went to get a food and Menchies again haha… After that we wanted to do something else than just go to his house, so we went to the Flagstaff mountain! It’s in Boulder so it was only like a 20-25 minute drive!! It was beautiful!! From the view point we saw all the way to Denver and like Boulder and everything! Everything was lit up so it was really cool!

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