I had Track in the morning. At 8 o’clock!! The meet was cancelled so we had like our own meet. It was a time trial for all the distance runners and sprinters. We couldn’t jump cuz there was still a ton of snow… But I wanted to try a 200 sprint and because I said that they wanted me to do both a 100 and a 200. So I ran a hundred and I was tied first place w/ another fast guy!

After a while it was the 200 race. The coach divided us into groups and I got in the same group as like the fastest runner in the team… Haha he started off so fast so I had to keep up the pace with him, and he was like a meter before after maybe a 100, so I just tried to give all I had and I beat him!! It was so weird haha, everyone was so surprised 😂

After that we went to Starbucks for a ”fika” and then we headed home!

I talked to my parents and Michael and his parents in a group call! He will come here in probably like 10 days!! It’s gonna be so much fun!

Later we went over to my host grandparents house! We had dinner there. They just came back from their cruise ship thru the panama canal. They showed us video and and pictures from the trip! It was fuun 🙂



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