I had my first PARCC test this morning. That’s the tests that soph and freshman did last week. We read 2 novels and answered questions about em and so on.. The test was like 2 hours or something!

Kris came back from Hawaii this weekend so he told us all about that… Sounded like he had a pretty good time..!

Bowling and everything went great! For lunch we went to Robert’s house and we played some basketball, or more like dunkball 😛 It was sunny and like 15 degrees Celsius 🙂

I forgot my spikes for Track today, and it was the first day we were able to jump… haha.. But I could do it w/ my Bball shoes! We carried all the mats out and set it all up! I only did the High jump today, and we had our moments when we just laid and almost slept and tanned on the mats haha. That’s probably why everyone says that jumpers don’t do anything in practice.. I don’t know!



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