Almost over slept this morning haha, my alarm didn’t go off.. Had one class, then I had two hours off… So we went out to get some burritos and the rest of the time we just hung out in school! Nothing special happened in school today.

Track was fun today! We did a lot of jumps 🙂 We have a meet tomorrow!! The sprint coach wanted me to run the 200 relay and 200 open. So we also practiced hand-offs when you’re doing relays. That’s actually harder than you think it is! In a relay there’s 4 people and you just hand over the stick to the next person! So we are 4 people in my team and coach said we are the fastest sprinters in the whole Track team haha 🙂 So it will be fun to see how we do tomorrow!

I also did some high and long jumps today! It went pretty well!

After practice I stayed in school to watch the ”Buff Puff”… That’s the event when guys play volleyball, Juniors vs Seniors! But when I walked in to the gym, a lot of people came and asked me if I wanted to play haha! There was a whole bunch of seniors but only like 3 juniors… haha so me, Kris and the German guy played! It was a lot of fun and we actually won!!! The seniors were NOT happy after that!

IMG_0495 IMG_0496



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