Thursday – First meet!

School was fun! I had a really easy test in guitar, and later I only had easy classes!

We got out of class at 1 to go to our Track meet. But I had a 2 hour lunch before that :)) So we grabbed all our stuff and got on the bus! Me and Trevor were bus-buddies! We’re a big team so everyone have to double up or even triple in the seats hah! So we carried all the stuff out to the bus, a tent, a big box of food and water and other stuff!

When we got there, we set up the tent and then we had to do our warm-ups and then it all started! The meet was at our rival school Fairview! I started w/ high jump. I got 5ft 4in (162.5cm), which I’m okay with, not too bad!

After high jump I did the 4x200meter! It was a relay and I was the second guy out! So I got the stick from Dylan and then I ran as fast as I could 🙂 We won!! We have a really good 4 by 2 team this year!

I also did Long jump! Yesterday was the first time I did long jumps so I wasn’t expecting to do very well. We got three jumps, and my best was like 16 ft 5 in something! That is excatly 5 meters! But every jump I was jumping too early by like 1-2 feet… So if I would have got my take off at the board where you’re supposed to take off I would have got 18 ft he said👍👍

Last was my 200 meter dash! It went awesome! I was first in my heat by far! I don’t know my time yet tho…. But Spencer (my jumping buddy) said that I was like 1,5 seconds from last years State guys! So if I practice hard I might be able to go to State Championship for 200meters!! But I don’t know, we’ll see how it turns out 🙂

Nathan ran an 800 race! He did great too! Under three minutes which is great!👍   IMG_2483 11034336_1613425308889142_3052534187986681082_o



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