Today was block day! Last day of this weird schedule we’ve had for two weeks now…

We played kickball in bowling class… I’ve had bowling once this week… Hate this weird schedule haha, all my bowling classes were taken away!

Not much happened in school today! I’ve been so sore from yesterday’s meet tho haha so I was lucky that practice was easy! We only jogged and stretched, it was awesome! Everyone else ran, except for the jumpers 😛

After practice I went home for a short period of time. Cause at 7 I went back to school to watch the school musical! But when Cooper was gonna drive me there the garaged wouldn’t open… A spring was broken.. The door weights so much!! A couple hundred pounds at least. So we tried to open it manually and it worked after a 20 minute workout haha!


The musical was very god! There were some really good singers! So it was really worth going 🙂



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