I had practice in the morning. We jumped and we also lifted weights! After we had a ”fika” and Starbucks!

I didn’t do a lot during the day. We went out for lunch at a place called Mojo’s. It a small coffee shop/restaurant here in Lafayette.

Later we had a School dance! So after dinner me and Kris went over to Dalton’s house down the street to meet up with everyone. From there we drove to Thorsens to get his car. He just bought a ton of lights and he put them up in his room, and they are like changing color with the rythm of the music you’re playing!

IMG_2501 IMG_2500

Later we went to the dance! It was a color dance, so at 9 we went outside and they had tons of like color powder that they just threw in the air and everyone got it on their shirts and in their hair and everywhere haha! It was a really fun dance! My white t-shirt looked like this after:


Later we went over to Thorsen’s house! We had a bonfire and we jumped on the trampoline and had fun 🙂




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