I woke up kinda late and we went out for breakfast! We went to a town called Longmont, north of where we live. It was really good food! We had eggs and bacon and some amazing french toast w/ their homemade cinnamon-maple syrup 😍

We saw this sign haha: (I did not try it)


Later me and Cooper went to a Gokart place in Denver! My birthday present from them was to bring a couple friends to go Gokarting some day :))) It’s a really cool place! We just talked to them about when we could come do it! But I’m so excited for it!

After that Cooper dropped me off at the mall. I met Paolo there, the Italian guy! We went shopping some stuff and so on. I met my b-ball friend Josh there too! Here’s what I bought:


I saw these but didn’t buy them haha, socks with all the emojis 😂


Later Paolo and me headed home and he had dinner at my house!



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