They day started off with a sleep in and an hour and a half bowling! It went really well today! I got like 126 in my first game and the second game I got like 134! I got some strikes and spares! 🙂

For lunch we went out to get some fast food… As always haha!

In health we had Yoga! We did some relaxation and some yoga exercises. Idk, yoga is not really my thing…

Practice went great! We were jumping today, which was fun. And in the end Michael came to the practice!! Cooper picked him up at the airport after work and brought him to school. It was sooo much fun to see him again! July was like the last time we saw each other :)) So after practice I showed him the school and of course the Cheerleading teams had their banquet today… So a ton of people were there and wanted to say hi and take pictures and so on haha! Everyone wanted to meet him😂



But after being stuck there for a while we finally got out and went home! When Rachel was gonna say hi to him she got so shy haha! It was so funny 😂

We had a nice dinner at home and later me, Mickey and Cooper went to Boulder to pick Nathan up from a scout dinner! The dinner was at a really fancy hotel in boulder and we just went inside and hung out there for a while!



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  1. Mats Haraldson · mars 19, 2015

    Hey I know that guy! Did he bring enough clothes for the mountains???



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