So I was off from school today! They called me in excused so I could hang out with Michael! 🙂

So after we woke up, we had some breakfast and then we walked out to the busstop! I’ve never gone on a public bus here before! But we went to boulder 🙂 We started our day at the 29th Street mall! It’s an outdoor mall in downtown Boulder!

We bought some stuff at Macy’s and other stores! We had a Starbucks in the sun. The weather was great! We both had shorts and t-shirts :))

IMG_2527 IMG_2525


We bought the same one onesies! They were so cool haha


We bought a backpack and some stuff too!

Later we walked to the Pearl street mall. It’s a shopping street like a mile away. It’s very old and beautiful! We went in to a lot of shops and stuff there too!

IMG_2544 IMG_2545

Later we took the bus home again and had dinner and watched a movie 🙂 An awesome day!



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