We woke up at like 6:30 (!!) to pack the rest of our stuff and then Chuck picked us up at 7:30. Then we headed up to Breckenridge! He drove us up early so we got one more day of skiing in and Colleen, Jessica, Rachel and Rachel’s friend Naomi came up later.

We were ready to go skiing at 10. So we took the Gondola up and started skiing! It was an amazing day! It was hot and sunny and almost no wind! So we went to the top and from there, we actually hiked the last part all the way to the peak!! It was so cool! We were on the peak of the mountain and the view from there was awesome!

IMG_2568 IMG_2566 IMG_2565 IMG_2572 IMG_2582 IMG_2584 IMG_2590

On the way down we had a break and Mike made his own chair haha:


After a while we went down to the Peak 8 base and had some fries and Coke 🙂 18 bucks for two Cokes and a pretty small size of fries hahah


The rest of the day we just skied and had a great time! Later we had a nice taco dinner and then me and Mike went to downtown Breck to check it out 😛




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