Thursday and Friday!

Thursday morning I talked to my parents in Sweden! It was a long time ago so it was funnn!

Later that day I went over to Dalton’s house down the street where Mikey now lives… He had trouble with his parents and he turned 18 so he moved in with a friend!

We picked up Robert at his house and later we went to the Rec center to play basketball! We were there for like almost three hours… But it was a lot of fun! We played a game and 1v1 and stuff 🙂

Later I just went over to Dalton’s house and stayed there for a while!


We had a Track meet yesterday! I didn’t compete cuz I didn’t feel too good the day before and I hadn’t been to any of the practices so I thought it was best to just watch and cheer on! The bus left at 1030 and the meet started at 12! It was a big meet! A lot of schools were there! I helped Iggi and some other friends to set up the high jump and stuff.

So I was just there all day and it ended at like 8:30! So I was gone for like 10 hours haha but it was fun 🙂


One of the schools’s tent flew away haha, all their stuff like clothes and other stuff flew away haha everyone laughed so hard!




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