After breakfast me, Jessica and Rachel went over to Chuck and Colleen’s house. They bought two new cars this week haha right after we came home from Breck! A new Dodge and a new VW golf! After we checked out the cars we went down to Boulder to find a new car for Jessica!

First we went to the Toyota center and we test drove a RAV 4 which is a nice car! After that we headed over to Honda and drove a CR-V! She didn’t buy one today but she probably will pretty soon!


That was the first thing this girl did when she came into a car dealer👆….


We had dinner at Smashburger! That is like the best burger place ever, and those oreo milkshakes… Daamn😍

Later me, Thorsen, Mikey and Erin went to the trampolin place! It was so much fuunn :))




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