Nothing exciting happened today. Just a regular day!

We went out for a walk in 1st period, because it was hot and a beautiful morning!

Practice was fun! But superhot haha! It was almost 80 (like 28C)! But I wore my Centaurus bro tank so that I won’t get a farmers tan like I always get..! So we didn’t do a lot. Our jumping coach is only there Monday, Wednesday and Friday so we did our own drills and made it to an easy practice 😛 But later we headed up to the weight room.

Chuck and Colleen picked us up and we bought dinner and then went home. Jessica bought her new car today! She bought a Toyota RAV4, and was so happy about it! They came home later and I tried to take pics of it but it was kinda dark…

IMG_2834 IMG_2832 2015-Toyota-Rav4-Ev



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