The day started off good! We played kickball and we literally kicked *ss! We won by like 35-15 or something! The last 30 minutes of class I went to the weight room! 🙂

In Am Lit I finished up my Research paper about stress. I’m doing a project about stress and why it’s so common nowadays..!

In 7th we did yoga again! Haha I’m like the worst person ever when it comes to yoga. She always used me as an example how the others should NOT do it… Hahah I have to stretch more after practice.. In the end of class she thanked me so much for being there so that she could explain for the others..

Practice went alright! It was so windy tho so it was like impossible to run!

Nathan was sick today, so after practice Cooper picked me up and he has encouraged me so much to get a tattoo. But I don’t really like it… But like literally everybody here has one so I thought it would be cool to get a small one. So he picked me up and we went to a place here in Lafayette and I got a small Swedish flag on the chest! It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. Because Im 18 now I don’t need anyones permission 🙂


Hope you like it!!


En kommentar

  1. Mats Haraldson · april 2, 2015

    Haha. You almost got me there!!! Your sister came home from Lund with a new piercing yesterday so first I thought ….well You think you know your kids…. But you don’t!!
    Funny Erik



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