In guitar we watched a documentary and about the electric guitar and how it got famous haha!

The day went by fast. It was really cold outside! It was about 0 degrees all day. But we still practiced outside. It started snowing while we were doing the warm-ups… I trained w the sprinters today…. Shouldn’t have done that! We ran 10×100 meters… And you had to sprint every time, it was like a race every time. And it was sooo cold!!! I didn’t have a hat or anything so I was extremely cold and wet after.

After practice Cooper picked us up and we went home. Later we went to the grocery store and I bought a new cord for my phone! At like 9 I headed over to Mikey’s house and we all went to the mall and watched the new Fast & Furious 7!! It was AWESOME! They made the end so sad haha, because Paul Walker died last year so they made a montage in  the end of all the movies to honor him! Everyone had tears in their eyes hahah! IMG_2848

BTW, hope you like my April Fool yesterday :))))



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