Today we had a Track meet! I went to school at 7 in the morning… The meet was a Mountain Range High School. They had a really nice stadium. Long jump was first out. I actually did really well in the long jump. My first jump was 18ft, then 17ft and my last one was 18ft 2in (drygt 5,5 meter). After my three jumpes I had like two hours to spend b4 my 4×2.

So after a while I had my 4×2 and it went well. I was the anchor.. But like right after I finished the high jump started…. And you get so tired after sprinting a 200… So the high jump did not go well haha. I did really bad but it was cuz I was so tired!

They were almost like 3 hours behind schedule.. But later I had my 200 meter dash. Cooper came to the stadium and brought a bar and some gatorade! 🙂 The 200 went alright! I can do better but it wasn’t too bad! Here’s what Cooper recorded!

We were supposed to be back at 5 but we came to CHS at like 8… So we picked up dinner on the way home.

IMG_2860 IMG_2863

Later I went over to Thorsen’s house to get in the hottub! Even though I was so tired after the 13 hour meet haha…

When a friend drove me and a couple and friends home we got pulled over by the cops! Haha but nothing happened :))



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