We had mcdonalds as usual for breakfast! Then we headed over to the school and when I came there the ”C-squad” had a breakfast for the freshman’s. Don’t ask me what they do cuz I have no idea but I knew like everyone that hosted the breakfast. So they invited me in there haha so I had donuts and stuff 🙂 On Wednesdays we get to school like 30 min before school starts because Cooper has to drive Rachel to school after he drops us off. Thorsen was hosting this breakfast and he was gonna pick his sister up at his house so he asked if I wanted to come so I did before school started!

In gym class we went outside and played tennis! It was fun because I was the only one that was decent at it haha. Everybody else was literally not good at it.

The rest of the day went great!

Practice was awesome! So there are two meets Saturday. But one of em is only for qualifiers. And coach told me that I qualified with my long jump from the last meet!! So me and a couple others on the team will go to that meet instead of the regular one!

So I practiced a lot of long jumps today. And in the end I almost pulled my hamstring, but it wasn’t very bad so I just gotta rest so it’ll get better 🙂



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