School was alright today! It was just a regular day.

For lunch we went out to eat and then over to Thorsen’s house for a while!

I didn’t really practice today… I felt that my hamstring still wasn’t really good so I just did the warm-ups and then I mostly watched the others. I wanna be able to run a 100% tomorrow at the meet so that’s why I wasn’t doing anything…

DECA is the club that I’m in thru my marketing class. We went with DECA to those competitions and stuff in the beginning of my school year. So DECA hosted Mr.Warrior tonight! It’s a ”male beauty peagant”! About ten people signed up to compete and a lot of people came to watch! At first the competitors showed us all a talent and then three of em made it to the finals and then one guy won! 🙂 It was a lot of fun :))

IMG_2951 IMG_2955 IMG_2960 IMG_2932



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