I got picked up at my house by Danny at 6:15am!! Haha it was really early but my meet started at 8 down in south Denver! Woke up to this:



So we bought some lunch on the way and then we got there a little early. It was a really nice school, it looked like a college!


I had my 4×100 in the morning. It went well, we didn’t mess up and we got a decent time! Right after that, I had my long jump! We got 4 jumps and my first one was 19ft 3in (5,87 meter)!! My PR before that was like 18ft 2in so that was awesome! My second jump was not as good but my 3rd was the same as my first one.. My last jump was really good, I jumped so long but I scratched by a couple inches so it didn’t count…

Then I had to wait for a couple hours before my 4×2. But the 4×2 didn’t go well… We got disqualified… Me and Dylan screwed up our handoff so I went out off the handoff zone before I got the stick..

Later I got a ride home with Justin! 🙂

I went out out for dinner with Xing and Mikey and after that we just chilled at Mikey’s house with some other people!



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