I could sleep in longer than yesterday… Kris came over here at 11ish and by then we left the house and went to the mall! We were there for like an hour before my coordinator Diane came and picked us up.

We went to Coors field down in Denver! It was me, Kris, Diane, her two kids and Rafael from Brazil! I just asked if I could bring Kris and that was no problem 🙂

Coors field is the field where the Colorado Rockies play😏 That’s our baseball team! I had never seen a baseball game before but I kinda knew the rules… But it was a really nice stadium! It was huge!! Seats for 50 000 people!




Everybody is talking bout how boring baseball is but it wasn’t that bad haha! I think it pretty fun to watch :)) We had to leave like 30 mins before the game was over but we were up by a lot of points so we thought it was cool.. But apparently we lost….

I didn’t really catch how the scoreboard works but I think I kinda understood everything else!

Later she dropped us off at the mall again and we were there for a while before Cooper and Nathan picked us up! :))



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