We had our ”bowling league” today. Every wednesday we have a team of 3 people and we compete against other teams. It went pretty well! I think we won against the other team! We played like lefties our third game, haha it’s so hard….

In american lit I actually finished an assignment :)) I’m proud of myself 😛

Practice today was fun! Wednesday’s are jumping days 🙂 So I only did long jumps, because I’m gonna focus more on that now! After a lot of drills we started jumping! I got some good jumps in, so it felt good afterwards. Coach gave me a lot of tips on how I can improve my technique and stuff but it’s so hard to remember all of it when you jump, it’s like impossible!…

Later we went out for dinner to a mexican grill place called Chipotle! We had a team fundraiser there so we bought food and ate there to support the team! I also met some friends while I was there 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.44.12 PM



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