We had assembly today again instead of Advisory! We voted for the Head girl and Head boy for next year. That’s like the school’s representatives, they are the mc’s for assembly’s and the dances and all that stuff! So they held speaches and after we voted!

We were supposed to have our one and only home meet today but it got cancelled cuz it snowed outside… It’s been snowing and raining all day…

So I went home for a couple hours after school and later the twins and Kris picked me up! We went back to the school because me and Kris were signed up for Jello wrestling. Yes, you read it right, Jello wrestling…. So you basically wrestle in jello haha… So we were the team ”the foreigners”. You’re in a big pit filled with jello and it’s 2 vs 2. And we actually killed it! We won our first match after I got a guy out. Our second game was against my friend Forrest and another guy and Forrest is a big and strong guy… Last year he was top 3 in State Wrestling haha… But we actually won that game too!! But we lost our next game tho… But we made it to the Semi finals!! 🙂


IMG_3030 IMG_3031 IMG_3032 IMG_3033

After I got a ride home, took my 4th shower haha to get rid of all that jello… And then Mikey and a couple people picked me up and we went over to the twins house to watch a movie 🙂



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