We have a 4-day weekend this weekend so today we were off from school!! I woke up before ten because Xing picked me up pretty early and we went with Kris and Marin to Men’s Warehouse! That’s the place where you rent a tuxedo for prom! 🙂

So when we got there, a couple guys helped us with everything. They measured us everywhere so that it will fit perfectly! I’m so excited for wearing it next weekend!! We’ll get like the day before prom. But damn it wasn’t cheap… payed more than 200 bucks for renting it over the weekend….

That store is like right next to the mall so we went over there for some lunch. Later we went home and I had practice! Our meet tomorrow has been moved to next Tuesday due to the weather.. I was really excited for the meet but instead we’ll have practice at 8AM…

Later after practice I got picked up and went for dinner and we watched a movie! It was a good movie, and after that I skyped with a swedish friend who lives in Michigan :))

IMG_3041 IMG_3037



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