In the morning we had practice. The meet got cancelled due to the weather so practice instead at 8am… We jumped a little a did some drills.

After practice a girl called Meghan hosted a team brunch, so we all went over there after practice and we brought some breakfast items! We made pancakes together and cinnamon rolls and lots of fruits and muffins! It was really fun 🙂

Me and Nathan got a ride with Kris’s hostdad home and we stopped real quick at Walmart! Kris just bought an iPhone 6 so he had to buy a service plan for it these remaining 2 months!

Later I talked to my Swedish parents for a while to catch up with all that’s going on over there! 🙂


Later me Rachel Nathan and Jessica left the house for Colorado Springs! Colorado Springs is a town south of Denver, who is famous for a lot of things! For example the US Air Force Academy is located there!

So we went down there (like a 2hour drive) and stopped for dinner on the way and then we checked in. Later we hottubed and swam in the pool! 🙂



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