We all thought it was the Act testing today ( which I will not do) so I stayed home. But apparently that is next week haha so I got marked absent all of my classes and so did Nathan. But I went to school at noon because I had a track meet!

We went to Longmont High School! I was signed up for 3 events this time. Long jump, the 100 meter dash and the 4×2.

My LJ was first and I didn’t do great, my legs were like spaghetti haha and I have no idea why.. I only jumped 18, 1″…

After my last jump, I had to run over to the starting blocks for the 100 meter… Everyone was in their blocks when I came there so I didn’t even have time to set it up which sucked… But coach thought I got like 12,6 or something which isn’t bad at all! And like 10 minutes after that I had my 4×2….  Every event was like right after each other so I was like dead before and after the 4×2. But that was the event that was my best one of the day haha!

By the time I was done, Cooper picked me up and we went to a Boy scout event that was also in Longmont! It was a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts, but it was at a guy called Tebo’s garage. He is SUPERrich haha so he collect cars, and he owns about 300 really old collector cars and his garage is enormous. He wants to make it into a museum but it’s not ready for that yet. So we looked at all of the cars and then we listened to some people holding a couple speeches and so 🙂



John Lennons previous car👆


President John F Kennedy’s hearse👆

IMG_3255 IMG_3263 IMG_3249 IMG_3250



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