Today was the first day in school for almost like a week! Felt soooo good to be back..!

Bowling went great! It’s so chill to start your day with a bowling class haha 😂

I went out for lunch with my Coordinator Diane! She was in town so we had our ”departure meeting”, about leaving and everything like that! We had a nice talk and we also talked about my Swedish family that will be here very soon!!

Practice went alright! I was very sore from yesterday’s meet cuz I forgot to stretch after ahah, but I’m used to it cause I never stretch…. But I did a couple jumps and one of em went really good so after that I stopped… You don’t wanna have a bad jump as your last jump of the day!

Later I went home and after dinner I stretched a lot haha and I got some lotion that apparently should be very good for soreness! :))



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