Prom Weekend!

So last Friday was just a regular schoolday but I got out of class at 2 to go to a meet! The meet was in Littleton, south of Denver so it was far away! I only did long jumps this meet cuz the sprints were the day after. It was a hard meet, I think you had to qualify for it… So they didn’t even measure jumps under 19 feet! So I scratched the first one on the board with like an inch.. And the other two were probably like 18, 10″ or something..

Yesterday (Saturday) was a crazy day!! I didn’t even have 5 minutes for myself haha! I woke up at 7 to go to the school cuz I had to get my stuff in my locker… Nathan had a meet at 7 but I just went there to grab my things and then we went home again…. But Justin picked me up an hour later because we were going back to the same meet as Friday! We drove ourselves there! We were running the 4×1 and the 4×2 together! It went alright! But when the girls ran the 4×1, a gust of wind came and a tent came off the ground and collided with the runners!! It was crazyy!!

But later we went home and we didn’t have too much time before prom started. And I got so scared when we came to Denver because there was a lot of traffic! But it got better after a while! I came home at 3:30ish and then I had an hour to get myself ready for PROM! I showered and put my tux on! Later Cooper took me to Angela’s house and pictures! It was an awesome house, so beautiful! We were a group of 25 people ish, and after all the pictures a Partybus picked us up! :))

11010611_1088285181186658_2219639793830939282_n 11187263_1634592343439105_8268269205294117987_o 11070664_644426582367384_5534891757060394887_n 10171827_644425415700834_3845937226751724167_n 11193324_644424689034240_358099793374172148_n IMG_3302

The bus took us to Denver and a restaurant called Olive Garden! We had dinner there and then we went to Boulder for the actual Prom! We were there for about 2,5 hours and there was a dance floor and and some tables to sit and talk and so 🙂 It was a lot of fun 🙂


The bus then took us back to Angela’s house where everybody had their cars! We went back to Mikey’s house to change clothes! At 12 we went to the YMCA, it’s like a rec center where we had our after prom! The after prom was so much fun!! All the parents and volunteers did such a great job with decorating and setting it all up! They raised $15 000 for the event! And they had prices for worth $25 000!! It was awesome! So we got raffle tickets and stuff and in the end they had the drawings for all the prices! The prices were like iPads, a guitar, a longboard, two bikes, a smart TV and a ton of stuff! I bought with cash that you got there a couple t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses and gift cards! Everything was like free!

I won 50 bucks cash haha so I was happy :)) So there was tons of food ( a chocolate fountain😍), a photo booth, ice skating, a pool and inflatables!! We were there till 4am and after that I went over to mikey’s house for a while and on my way home to my house I facetimed my swedish friend! So I got home at 6 in the morning haha! I was like the only one who wasn’t tired 😂

I don’t have any great pics from the after prom… If I get any I will post them later!

I woke up at 1pm this morning! Then me and Xing went to return the tuxedos! And after that I have just chilled and skyped with some people :))



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