School started at 12:30 today!! So I slept in and then I took the bike to school! 🙂

I only had two classes, 7th and 8th period!

7th was really interesting today! We had three guest speakers in class. They were from an organization that prevent people from doing drugs. Two of the people that were speaking had been taking heavy drugs earlier in their life… Both of em were addicted to Heroin. But they had been sober for like 15 months now. But the guy that had been addicted to heroin earlier was still acting weird (after 15months) and his memory is almost gone. He didn’t even remember how he got to our class today or where he was… But they all talked about their early life and childhood and how they got addicted. And it all started with pot and alcohol…. But the guy that was in charge had never even tried alcohol or any drugs ever! It was really interesting!

In 8th we didn’t do anything special (as usual). Haha but it’s very chill :))

It was really hot outside and we practiced in the heat! But it was awesome! We jumped today, and I got a better approach now I hope haha!

After practice we had a team dinner, we all ate so much food! I was about to explode after… After the dinner I just biked home!



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