Friday and Saturday!

I had my second classroom performance last Friday! I played a song called Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty/John Mayer. I actually sang as well 😂 But it went really well! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was gonna be! The first performance started with a girl crying, with the teacher yelling at her, so she went to the counselor and he came to the class and picked up her stuff and she will probably quit that class… And after that we weren’t at all nervous, not at all.. haha

I left class early so I missed 8th period. We went to Longmont HS for a Track meet. It was our League and two other leagues attending this meet. So it was kinda like a qualifying meet. I went there for my Long jump and the 4×1 and the 4×2. The LJ and 4×2 were scheduled for Friday and the 4×1 for Saturday.


You always get 3 jumps. And then 3 more of you make it to finals! So I did two of my jumps and right before my third jump they cancelled the meet…. There was lightning and they have to cancel it then.. So we all went home after we’d waited there for a while!

I woke up at 6:30 (!!!!!!) the day after and Cooper took me to Centaurus! I got coffee and food @ McDonalds to wake up before I went on the bus..! We went back to the same school as yesterday and I had my last jump in the morning! My jumps yesterday weren’t that great but today it was a lot better! I just CAN’T hit the board!! I was like a foot and a half before you’re supposed to take off… So my jump was 18ft 6″ (measured from the board) but it was probably close to 20ft…. So It would have been like an official 20ft if I just would have taken off at the board..

My sprint events went great! We didn’t have our regular team cuz a guy is ineligible and someone else was hurt or something… But it went fine anyways!

Later there was the COACHES relay!! It was so much fun! So the coaches ran a 4×1! And it was awesome to see hahaha!


I came home at 5ish and just chilled the rest of the day :))



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