We went to Mcdonalds for breakfast and it was good :)) Wanna do this sometime 👇 Haha check it out

We played kickball again in gym class! It was fun cause my team won :))

During my 2 hour lunch, me Kris and Marin went over to Woody’s house ( Kris first host dad and coordinator) We watched Champions League, Barcelona vs Munchen!

We had a guest speaker in Health class again. But this time it was really interesting actually. A guy that graduated from Boulder High 2006 came to our class and told us about his life story. He looked like any other guy with jeans and a button down shirt and looked really happy! He was sober now but was an alcoholic and a drug addict only a couple years ago. It was cool to listen to him because you could not have guessed that he had been through all the things that he told us about… He had been to jail and thought about suicide etc.

He was doing a lot of Cocaine, weed and alcohol in High school… One thing he said was that one time he promised his friends that he was gonna be sober for a week, and with sober he meant only pot and alcohol… No cocaine.. But he couldn’t even keep that promise!

It was really interesting to hear his story and next week he will graduate from law school, so he’s doing fine now!

After school we had practice in the rain… It was nice during warm-ups but when we were gonna start jumping it started to pour down… But we had to get some jumps in because we might have a meet Friday… But we got all soaked but I guess it was worth it…


From the last meet! I don’t look too happy while running a 4×2…



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