Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

So my Friday was not fun…. Well it started of decent with gym class and guitar. Then I had 10 minutes of Am lit before I was dismissed from class. I had a track meet and the bus left at 10! It was called St. Vrain and it was a qualifying meet for States! But it was raining A LOT! It was pouring down all day…. I borrowed Cooper’s big raincoat and that was the only the that wasn’t soaked when I came home….

I didn’t qualify for long jump… They cut people that had a pr lower than like a high 19 feet… So I almost made it… But I ran the 4×2, 4×1 and the 200m Dash! The 4×2 was at 12 and then I had to wait like 5 hours till my next event… And it was pouring down the whole time hahah.. Everything was soaked. At like 2 they took a break because it was raining too much. But after an hour they were running again! My 200 dash was weird… It was supposed to be like 9 heats. But only like 1/5 of all the people showed up so like almost nobody was running… In some heats people ran alone haha. But we ran in like a swimming people ( not kidding) and I didn’t get a very good time haha… But I met my swedish friend Linnea who’s in my exchange group! So that was fun! Actually I met another Swede! She introduced me to a Jumping coach at Monarch HS and she was from Sweden. It was fun to talk to her as well 🙂

But at like 8 or 9 we went home and I could finally get dry again…



I woke up kinda early cuz we were gonna go to CHS for a clean up! Rachel’s girl scout troop arranged a community service project. They decided to help Centaurus to look better! :)) So instead of practice the team helped out and pulled weeds and stuff. It looked a lot better afterwards!

Later I went with Kris and the twins and their dad down to Denver to a place called iFly! It’s a indoor skydiving place!!! They asked if I wanted to come and I didn’t even hesitate… It’s hard to explain what we did but I have a bunch of photos! But we got suits and glasses and helmets and stuff! And then they gave us a lesson in how to fly and different signs and so!

It was hard tho!! It was a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be! But it was sooo much fun!!

This explains exactly what we did!!

IMG_3507 IMG_3508 IMG_3506

I’ll post the video of myself flying when I get it, probably in a couple days :)))

After that I went over to their house and we played some pool and mariokart haha and then I went home! 🙂


Chuck and Colleen came over this morning (Mother’s day) and we had a nice brunch! We made swedish pancakes ❤ and some other good stuff 🙂 It was really nice!


Later I talked to my swedish peers! It’s crazy, they’ll be here in less than a week!!! But I’m excited :))

After that I went to the rec center with Kris and Paolo! We worked out and then went to the swimming pool! 🙂 It was a lot of fun!



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