I was processing for my final today in guitar. We’re gonna play 3 songs in front of the class, so I have to practice that!

We went to the auditorium for Advisory again, this it was about how to write college essays…

For lunch we went to KFC! I’ve never been to a kfc before so I wanted to try it at least once before I’m leaving! 😛 But I had to wait 20 minutes for my food cuz they forgot my order and stuff so it wasn’t the best first time experience 😂

After school I got a ride home. And an hour later I went to the rec center with mikey robert and anthony to play ball! It was fun, we played 5v5 and so! There were other people from Centaurus there so we got even teams. 🙂

Later I worked out for a bit and then I went home!



They are almost here 😛



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