Saturday and Sunday – Fam is arriving

Saturday morning we went to Centaurus to do a follow-up from last weekends clean up at school. This time we made the garden outside the entrance look really nice. We put a ton of mulch and remove some bushes! It looked a lot better afterwards 🙂

Later I just hung out at the house for a while and then I went to the rec! I was there until they closed at 6 and then biked home again!

At like 8:30 my family came to my house!!! Omg it was so awesome! I mean I haven’t seen them in 9 months and it’s just so crazy to see them again! 😍😍 They pulled up on the driveway and my mom just ran out of the car and gave me like the biggest hug I’ve ever seen haha! Then my sisters came at then my dad haha. I think he was video taping the whole thing😂


Then we went inside and talked for a while and I showed them the house and so on! Later we went over to my grandparents house because my sisters spent the night there! So we all talked there for a while too.

When I came home I left right away for Mikey’s house! They were throwing a party over there :)) And it was a lot of fun! I got there late tho but it was fine!


We played beer pong ( But actually it was water no kidding haha) and talked with a bunch of people!


After only 5 or six hours of sleep I got up and me and Rachel made the Swedish ”kladdkaka”. We were going to a picnic with my organization up in Fort Collins.  So my parents picked up Paolo and then both my sisters and my parents came here to my house and then we all left at the same time!

The picnic was in Windsor and by a beautiful park. There was a lake and it was really nice! It was reeaallyyy windy tho haha… But we all had tons of food and talk to each other and so 🙂 Cooper came later and met my fan for the first time!!

IMG_3582 IMG_3581 IMG_3585 IMG_3591

Our coordinator gave us flags as a gift 🙂 Really nice of her!

After the picnic me, Sofia, Victoria, Mom and Rachel went shopping at an outlet mall 🙂 We found a lot of stuff and I bought some things!


Later we went home and then over to Chuck and Colleen’s house for dinner! My fan gave some presents and they were so happy for em!!

We had a really nice pasta dinner and cake, strawberries and ice cream for desert!

Later me and Victoria played guitar and sang in front of everybody haha! But it actually went alright!




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