It was hard to get up at 6 again as always after a weekend… But I did it and went to school!

I thought I had gym class today, but I had bowling… So I missed the bus there so I just stayed in the gym and played dodgeball with the other class haha!

My other classes went great! During 4th my family came and I showed them the school!! They met my friends and a couple of my teachers :)) After that they left for Glenwood Springs and their road trip!

After school I went home and later me and Cooper went to the Boy scout meeting and they went to an archery range today! It was fun and I wanted to try it so I went 🙂

It was fun and something new, I’ve just done it once or something for fun before!

IMG_3624 IMG_3626

After the meeting me and Cooper went out for dinner! We went to a new Italian restaurant and had a pizza, very good food and nice company!



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