Today I had my last breakfast at McDonalds, at least the last wednesday and period 0 haha! We had breakfast and then we headed over to school!

Only seniors had bowling today so I had gym class. Me and Kris played some basketball and didn’t do much…

During 3rd we went to the library and were there for an hour. I was with Cotter so I didn’t get a loooot of my work done… Freaking Cotter…

During lunch everyone signed each others yearbook haha but I forgot mine at home… But I’ll just bring it tomorrow! It’s so much fun to read what people say about you :)))

We didn’t do anything in 7th… We were supposed to watch a movie but the wifi was too slow so it never loaded enough so we could watch… Haha so we just talked and I got someone’s yearbook and looked in it!


The fam was at the 4corner today! Where the four states cross (only one in America) and yes I’m kinda jealous.. 😉

It’s fun to read what people said about you…. Most of the times 😂😂 Haha he’s pretty funny!




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