It was so empty today at school! No seniors were there, and it was literally no one there haha!

After 3rd we went to the gym for the last assembly. The seniors were there and and the whole school. All the teachers as well! We were just celebrating the seniors and it was like a goodbye thing for them. When they were done and went into the other gym to get their cap & gowns, the juniors moved to where the seniors sat (because now they are seniors) :))

I went out to lunch w/ Trevor and later I just chilled at school.

Forgot to mention it but yesterday we had a lockout at school…. So we couldn’t leave school or let anyone in for almost an hour. A kid in my health class robbed the bakery down the street under gunpoint (!!) so they caught him before we could leave the school!

After school I went to the mall w/ the twins and Kris. He bought a couple T-shirts and so! Then we went home and Xing picked us up and we all went to Spencer’s graduation party! It was fun, a lot of people showed up and we had food and played some games and just talked! 🙂



After a while my Swedish family came there to pick me and Kris up and we went home, and then left again for dinner at Chuck and Colleen’s house! It was really fun and we all had a great time! 😀




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