Saturday, Sunday and and Monday – Family weekend!


Not much blogging this weekend, I’ve literally done things every second this weekend… But it was so much fun!!

So I woke up early Saturday morning. It was Graduation at CHS! 🙂 So all my senior friends graduated! The ceremony was only like an hour and a half! They said it was gonna take 3 hours so I was prepared w/ a rain coat, water, snacks and everything haha!

IMG_3718 IMG_3721


After the Graduation I went to Thorsen’s house. He had his Grad party right after the ceremony. So we headed over there, had some food, talked to people and just had fun!

Then Xing took me over to the twins house. They are juniors but they hosted a grad party for 4 guys. Mike, Shayne, Matt and Matthew! So their party was at the twins mansion. They had inflatables and volleyball and a lot of stuff to do! It was awesome too! 🙂


Later Cooper and Jessica picked me up. We went down to Boulder to meet my fam. We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with everyone, Chuck and Colleen too 🙂 It was so good!! But I had a ton of food at all the grad parties but I still ordered a full size portion, and daaaamn the portions are big at that restaurant… Haha but I managed to eat it all!


Later we saw like the nicest car evaa, a freakin’ BMW i8! It’s sooo sick:

IMG_3755 IMG_3756

Then we went to Coldstone, my sisters fav place….

Later I went to another grad party with a couple friends! It was fun, but kinda chilly cuz it was outside! I met a ton of friends there which was fun 🙂


After just a few hours of sleep I had to wake up at like 7 to come with and drop Victoria off at the airport!

Later that day I went to Angela’s grad party! 🙂 The food was awesome haha, they brought home a buffet from Qdoba which is a really nice Mexican restaurant :))

I met a lot of friends there too! Later Chuck and Colleen came and picked me up w/ my parents and Sofia. We then went to Longmont and a cheese importer store. They import cheese from all over the world and we saw some stuff from Sweden!

IMG_3763 IMG_3765 IMG_3766 IMG_3768

After we had lunch there we went to Estes Park. That’s where I went in like September! It’s a famous national park. We went to a famous hotel, where they actually filmed the horror movie ”the shining”.


Then we went to a cool lake and it actually started snowing.


Later we went home and had pizza at our house 🙂

After dinner they all went home and I went out for another party haha! We were there for like 45 minutes, then we went to  Maddison’s house! It was a lot of fun. But Mikey was driving Thorsen’s car and when we were going home we had to leave the car at his house so me and Mikey walked home from Thorsen’s house in the middle of the night haha…


Today I had to wake up at 6!! Only a few hours of sleep again, surprising… 😉

We went to Boulder for the Bolderboulder run!!

IMG_3775 IMG_3779

It was a 10 kilometer race and me and my mom and host mom ran it together! Cooper and Rachel also ran it but later!

It was so much fun, people were cheering on everywhere and there were bands like everywhere. I followed mom all the way and her goal was less than an hour but we got like 1h and 2 minutes!

IMG_3783 IMG_3784

It’s a huge race, like 55 000 participants!!!

IMG_3791 IMG_3792 IMG_3796

Later we went to IHOP for some lunch and then to a Nike store to buy some shoes 🙂


On the way home we stopped by the twins house so that my parents could meet their parents! Cuz they’re so nice so I wanted em to at least meet!

Then we met Chuck and he showed us their RV (husbil). It was HUGE! It was so big and really nice. It was like a better hotel room!!


Then we went to the ”Åkesson’s”. Hampus ( I know him from school) and his Swedish family lives on our neighborhood so we went over to their house and talked for a while! It was really fun! 🙂

After that we went to my house really quick to pack their suitcase with my stuff haha. They will bring a lot of my stuff home! Then we went over to Chuck and Colleen’s for one last dinner b4 my family leaves tomorrow! It was really fun and we all had a GREAT time!!



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