I had my bowling final in the morning. So we went to the bowling alley and we actually took a test, and no kidding, it was hard haha! I had no idea of some stuff, but it went alright!

It was over at 9 so we had 3 hours to spend. We had breakfast at a bagel place and then we walked down the street cuz we saw two firetrucks that had their ladders out and were carrying a big american flag.


And we found out that they had a funeral for a 21 year old fallen officer in the church here in Lafayette. It was so sad but yet so amazing that so many people honored him. There were about 300 police cars in that parking lot, it was crazy how many police officers were there. Someone told us that at least one police car came from each county in the whole state of Colorado!  We saw one for example that came from Montezuma county and that is down by the 4 corner and like an 8 hour drive!!

Later we went back to school and I had my Marketing final. But we had the final last week so we just watched a TV-show…

After school I went to Kris’s house. He had a goodbye party and invited our whole squad and some other people! It was really fun. We ate tons of food and played games and stuff 🙂

IMG_3846 IMG_3844

Then me and Xing went to Sam’s and Raven’s grad party! It was at an amazing house! It was sooo nice w/ like a swimming pool and a photo booth and lots of stuff to do! It was really fun! 🙂


Me and Angela hahah!



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