In the morning me, Nathan and Cooper went to Village Inn for breakfast! It was really good (like IHOP).

Then we went down to Denver to a shooting range! Cooper asked a couple weeks ago if I wanted to do something before I left, and I said shoot a gun haha! So we went down there and looked thru all the machine guns and shotguns haha. Then we went downstairs to the range and we got to choose from like 40 different 9mm handguns! So we picked three different and then we started shooting at a target!

IMG_3863 IMG_3864 IMG_3866

It was so much fun! They are sooo powerful haha! But it was a really good experience to try it 😍

Later we went back home and I went to Joey’s grad party! It was fun cuz I knew a lot of people there! After a while they took the ATV’s out 😍 It was awesome to drive!! He lives like on a farm so we drove like around the farm! They had like three of em! And one guy stopped so I drove to him and it was an atv with a clutch and no one except me knew how to drive with a clutch so I got that one, and that one was like three times as fast, it was crazy haha😂

Later me Xing and Thorsen went to another grad party haha (yes there are tons of em) and we had fun over there too! Then we just went over to Mikey’s house and chilled! IMG_3873



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