I was gonna go to Fort Collins today to see a swedish friend who lives there, but the plans got cancelled…

So instead a started the day by talking to my swedish parents. I was out in the sun all the time. But it got too hot sometimes haha so I went back inside 😂

Later Joey called me and asked if I wanted to go to a laser tag place up in Loveland! And I said I was down so he picked me up and me, Joey, Chad and Cullen went there! We bought like an all day pass, so we played 4 times. We didn’t really wanna play more after the 3rd round but to get our money worth we played a 4th time 😂

We also went on an indoor high rope course and we climbed on a climbing wall! We had a great time :))





When I came back home I left the house again. I met Paolo at the grocery store and we bought like 120 hot dogs and lots of buns, soda, chips and stuff! We’re having our Goodbye party tomorrow! :))




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