We all got up early today! We went to a lake called Carter Lake. it was about a 45 min drive from our house! We met Chuck and Colleen up there. They brought their boat!


When the boat was in the water we went for a ride! It wasn’t a very big lake but we towed a big floating tube being it and first I went for a ride and after a while Rachel joined me! It was so much fun! But the water was kinda chilly! It was like 15 celsius…

IMG_3908 IMG_3920

We had a really nice lunch and after that we went back out again and I went on the waterskis!! That was a while ago but I still remember how to do it 😛


Later we headed home and stopped for Ice cream on the way! It was 33 degrees celsius today!!!! It was so hot but so nice!

Later me and Paolo had our goodbye party! We had it by a big lake and we made some hot dogs and we also had drinks and chips for everyone! A lot of people came which was fun!




It was a lot of fun but still so sad to say goodbye to most of my friends…



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