Today was packing day… Even tho my parents and sister brought a lot of my stuff home, I still had a ton of stuff to pack and bring home. You don’t really realize how much new things you buy and get during a year haha but I can tell you that it’s a lot…

Like my yearbook and letter jacket were like almost 6 pounds together… And that’s only two things and the limit is 50 pounds…
So I packed for a while and later I went to the pool one last time with Rachel, her friend Makenzie and Jessica.
When I was walking back to our house the twins waited outside and wanted to say bye one last time! They are so sweet and it was so sad to leave them and say bye… But I will probably meet them in London next year. Because they are going there and it would be so much fun to meet them there!!
We went to Chautauqua for dinner. It’s a really nice restaurant in Boulder right next to the Flatiron mountains! It was so pretty! We met Chuck and Colleen there, and we all had an amazing last dinner together! I had Salmon with pesto rice and it was delicious!
When I got home I finished up my packing, printed my boarding passes and got ready to fly… It was the craziest weather outside. There was lightning ALL the time. I’ve never seen anything even similar to that. It was almost like daylight outside because there was lightning all the time and it lit up the sky!
Xing, Thorsen and Mikey picked me up one last time and we headed over to Mikey’s house really quick to say goodbye to Kathy and Mike (the parents). And I also said goodbye to Xing, Thorsen and Mikey… That was really hard because they are my closest friends here..IMG_4078
 I also said goodbye to my hostfamily and it was so sad… It’s so hard to leave people that you’ve lived with for a year. And especially this family cause they’ve been always been so nice and supporting. But I knew the day would come and I had to do it… ❤


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