Saturday! DC

We had to get on a bus at 9am, so we had breakfast before that! Mmhmmm gotta love that hotel breakfast!

Anyways, I then met another Swed, Douglas, who also was really cool! Lived pretty closed to me as well! We were like 5 Swedish boys who bonded really well and they all live in Stockholm so that’s awesome! We had so much fun all the time!
So today was sightseeing day in DC. First we went to the white house, Obama wasn’t home tho… He was at Biden’s son’s funeral…
But it was really cool to actually see the White House IRL! Then we saw all the other houses sorrunding it and we walked down the street and got picked up again by the bus. We had a nice lady as our tour guide!
Later we went to the Washington Monument and all the memorials there! It was really cool and when we came there they had a memorial ceremony for the WW2 veterans and for all who fought for the US. We also went to the Congress and all the “tourist stuff”.
IMG_4149 IMG_4150 IMG_4152 IMG_0586 IMG_4133 IMG_4135
After the sightseeing they dropped us off in Georgetown and we could do whatever for 2 hours. We all went to Five Guys for lunch and then we walked in shops and so in that town.
Then we went back to the hotel and chilled! We went and hung out in the swedes room and then we went to the pool and tossed some football in the pool!
We went out for dinner in the area by our hotel. Then we walked to a grocery store and bought literally a ton of soda haha. We brought it to the swedes room and just played music and just had a great time haha. We had our own party in there! :)) We went out for a walk at like 2:30am haha and came back and went to bed at like 5 almost heheh…. It was so much fun! We all spent the night in the same bed haha, we were four and at one point five I think in the same bed… It was so warm…

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  1. Cooper · juni 12, 2015

    Nice update, Colorado has been raining ”crying” and major flooding since you left.



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