My fan left the US this morning! I got up early to go to school… I had my first final, US history! But it went pretty well! Got like 70 out of 90 so that’s alright!

Later me, Kris and Marin got a ride to safeway, we bought a Ben and Jerry’s each and then we walked home to my house and then we went to the pool. It was really hot outside so we stayed there for a while…

After dinner I went over to mikey’s house and on may way back, I met Marie and her firmly and they were gonna play frisbee football! It was really fun :))



Saturday, Sunday and and Monday – Family weekend!


Not much blogging this weekend, I’ve literally done things every second this weekend… But it was so much fun!!

So I woke up early Saturday morning. It was Graduation at CHS! 🙂 So all my senior friends graduated! The ceremony was only like an hour and a half! They said it was gonna take 3 hours so I was prepared w/ a rain coat, water, snacks and everything haha!

IMG_3718 IMG_3721


After the Graduation I went to Thorsen’s house. He had his Grad party right after the ceremony. So we headed over there, had some food, talked to people and just had fun!

Then Xing took me over to the twins house. They are juniors but they hosted a grad party for 4 guys. Mike, Shayne, Matt and Matthew! So their party was at the twins mansion. They had inflatables and volleyball and a lot of stuff to do! It was awesome too! 🙂


Later Cooper and Jessica picked me up. We went down to Boulder to meet my fam. We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with everyone, Chuck and Colleen too 🙂 It was so good!! But I had a ton of food at all the grad parties but I still ordered a full size portion, and daaaamn the portions are big at that restaurant… Haha but I managed to eat it all!


Later we saw like the nicest car evaa, a freakin’ BMW i8! It’s sooo sick:

IMG_3755 IMG_3756

Then we went to Coldstone, my sisters fav place….

Later I went to another grad party with a couple friends! It was fun, but kinda chilly cuz it was outside! I met a ton of friends there which was fun 🙂


After just a few hours of sleep I had to wake up at like 7 to come with and drop Victoria off at the airport!

Later that day I went to Angela’s grad party! 🙂 The food was awesome haha, they brought home a buffet from Qdoba which is a really nice Mexican restaurant :))

I met a lot of friends there too! Later Chuck and Colleen came and picked me up w/ my parents and Sofia. We then went to Longmont and a cheese importer store. They import cheese from all over the world and we saw some stuff from Sweden!

IMG_3763 IMG_3765 IMG_3766 IMG_3768

After we had lunch there we went to Estes Park. That’s where I went in like September! It’s a famous national park. We went to a famous hotel, where they actually filmed the horror movie ”the shining”.


Then we went to a cool lake and it actually started snowing.


Later we went home and had pizza at our house 🙂

After dinner they all went home and I went out for another party haha! We were there for like 45 minutes, then we went to  Maddison’s house! It was a lot of fun. But Mikey was driving Thorsen’s car and when we were going home we had to leave the car at his house so me and Mikey walked home from Thorsen’s house in the middle of the night haha…


Today I had to wake up at 6!! Only a few hours of sleep again, surprising… 😉

We went to Boulder for the Bolderboulder run!!

IMG_3775 IMG_3779

It was a 10 kilometer race and me and my mom and host mom ran it together! Cooper and Rachel also ran it but later!

It was so much fun, people were cheering on everywhere and there were bands like everywhere. I followed mom all the way and her goal was less than an hour but we got like 1h and 2 minutes!

IMG_3783 IMG_3784

It’s a huge race, like 55 000 participants!!!

IMG_3791 IMG_3792 IMG_3796

Later we went to IHOP for some lunch and then to a Nike store to buy some shoes 🙂


On the way home we stopped by the twins house so that my parents could meet their parents! Cuz they’re so nice so I wanted em to at least meet!

Then we met Chuck and he showed us their RV (husbil). It was HUGE! It was so big and really nice. It was like a better hotel room!!


Then we went to the ”Åkesson’s”. Hampus ( I know him from school) and his Swedish family lives on our neighborhood so we went over to their house and talked for a while! It was really fun! 🙂

After that we went to my house really quick to pack their suitcase with my stuff haha. They will bring a lot of my stuff home! Then we went over to Chuck and Colleen’s for one last dinner b4 my family leaves tomorrow! It was really fun and we all had a GREAT time!!


It was so empty today at school! No seniors were there, and it was literally no one there haha!

After 3rd we went to the gym for the last assembly. The seniors were there and and the whole school. All the teachers as well! We were just celebrating the seniors and it was like a goodbye thing for them. When they were done and went into the other gym to get their cap & gowns, the juniors moved to where the seniors sat (because now they are seniors) :))

I went out to lunch w/ Trevor and later I just chilled at school.

Forgot to mention it but yesterday we had a lockout at school…. So we couldn’t leave school or let anyone in for almost an hour. A kid in my health class robbed the bakery down the street under gunpoint (!!) so they caught him before we could leave the school!

After school I went to the mall w/ the twins and Kris. He bought a couple T-shirts and so! Then we went home and Xing picked us up and we all went to Spencer’s graduation party! It was fun, a lot of people showed up and we had food and played some games and just talked! 🙂



After a while my Swedish family came there to pick me and Kris up and we went home, and then left again for dinner at Chuck and Colleen’s house! It was really fun and we all had a great time! 😀



Today was a fun day! School was just as usual! But I signed a ton of yearbooks and a lot of people signed mine! It’s so much fun to read what people say about you, it makes me so happpyy 🙂

Today was the last day for all the seniors..! Kinda sad but I’m glad for them!

So after school they had the countdown and they were celebrating that they are done with school!

IMG_3659 IMG_3660


Later I got a ride home and chilled for a couple hours.

Our Track Banquet started at 6! We had tons of food and then they handed out awards and talked about individual athletes and about the team and so on 🙂

It was so much fun but also sad that it’s the last time I see most of em…. I got another letter 😍


Here are some pics from tonight:

My jumping coach!


Me, Josh, Kris and Iggy!


Me and Olivia!



Jumpers :))))



Today I had my last breakfast at McDonalds, at least the last wednesday and period 0 haha! We had breakfast and then we headed over to school!

Only seniors had bowling today so I had gym class. Me and Kris played some basketball and didn’t do much…

During 3rd we went to the library and were there for an hour. I was with Cotter so I didn’t get a loooot of my work done… Freaking Cotter…

During lunch everyone signed each others yearbook haha but I forgot mine at home… But I’ll just bring it tomorrow! It’s so much fun to read what people say about you :)))

We didn’t do anything in 7th… We were supposed to watch a movie but the wifi was too slow so it never loaded enough so we could watch… Haha so we just talked and I got someone’s yearbook and looked in it!


The fam was at the 4corner today! Where the four states cross (only one in America) and yes I’m kinda jealous.. 😉

It’s fun to read what people said about you…. Most of the times 😂😂 Haha he’s pretty funny!



School went alright!

Got this notification haha:


After school I got a ride home and me, Mikey and Kris went to the rec center! We played basketball for an hour or so and then me and Kris worked out with weights.

A couple hours later Xing picked us up and we went to school. There was a signing party for the yearbooks from 6-8. And there was also a concert at 7 which we were supposed to go to because the twins and Thorsen were playing. But I got stuck at the signing because a lot of people wanted to sign and some people wrote like an essay haha! And I signed a lot of peoples books too! It was really fun 🙂


We went to the concert as well but only for the last 20 minutes…


It was hard to get up at 6 again as always after a weekend… But I did it and went to school!

I thought I had gym class today, but I had bowling… So I missed the bus there so I just stayed in the gym and played dodgeball with the other class haha!

My other classes went great! During 4th my family came and I showed them the school!! They met my friends and a couple of my teachers :)) After that they left for Glenwood Springs and their road trip!

After school I went home and later me and Cooper went to the Boy scout meeting and they went to an archery range today! It was fun and I wanted to try it so I went 🙂

It was fun and something new, I’ve just done it once or something for fun before!

IMG_3624 IMG_3626

After the meeting me and Cooper went out for dinner! We went to a new Italian restaurant and had a pizza, very good food and nice company!

Saturday and Sunday – Fam is arriving

Saturday morning we went to Centaurus to do a follow-up from last weekends clean up at school. This time we made the garden outside the entrance look really nice. We put a ton of mulch and remove some bushes! It looked a lot better afterwards 🙂

Later I just hung out at the house for a while and then I went to the rec! I was there until they closed at 6 and then biked home again!

At like 8:30 my family came to my house!!! Omg it was so awesome! I mean I haven’t seen them in 9 months and it’s just so crazy to see them again! 😍😍 They pulled up on the driveway and my mom just ran out of the car and gave me like the biggest hug I’ve ever seen haha! Then my sisters came at then my dad haha. I think he was video taping the whole thing😂


Then we went inside and talked for a while and I showed them the house and so on! Later we went over to my grandparents house because my sisters spent the night there! So we all talked there for a while too.

When I came home I left right away for Mikey’s house! They were throwing a party over there :)) And it was a lot of fun! I got there late tho but it was fine!


We played beer pong ( But actually it was water no kidding haha) and talked with a bunch of people!


After only 5 or six hours of sleep I got up and me and Rachel made the Swedish ”kladdkaka”. We were going to a picnic with my organization up in Fort Collins.  So my parents picked up Paolo and then both my sisters and my parents came here to my house and then we all left at the same time!

The picnic was in Windsor and by a beautiful park. There was a lake and it was really nice! It was reeaallyyy windy tho haha… But we all had tons of food and talk to each other and so 🙂 Cooper came later and met my fan for the first time!!

IMG_3582 IMG_3581 IMG_3585 IMG_3591

Our coordinator gave us flags as a gift 🙂 Really nice of her!

After the picnic me, Sofia, Victoria, Mom and Rachel went shopping at an outlet mall 🙂 We found a lot of stuff and I bought some things!


Later we went home and then over to Chuck and Colleen’s house for dinner! My fan gave some presents and they were so happy for em!!

We had a really nice pasta dinner and cake, strawberries and ice cream for desert!

Later me and Victoria played guitar and sang in front of everybody haha! But it actually went alright!



It was just a regular school day 2day! Nothing special happened.

After school I got a ride home with Mikey and stayed at his house for an hour or so.

After that I just walked home and was super tired so I took a nap haha for about 30 minutes before dinner :))

Later Mikey and Xing picked me and Nathan up. There was a movie night at school. So we all went to the school and watched Big Hero 6! We were in the gym haha and the movie was pretty good! But the bleacher wasn’t very comfortable tho…

Later we just went home 🙂


Btw here’s all my pics from sports this year:

Erik-Football Sbabylon15030516280 IMG_3562


I was processing for my final today in guitar. We’re gonna play 3 songs in front of the class, so I have to practice that!

We went to the auditorium for Advisory again, this it was about how to write college essays…

For lunch we went to KFC! I’ve never been to a kfc before so I wanted to try it at least once before I’m leaving! 😛 But I had to wait 20 minutes for my food cuz they forgot my order and stuff so it wasn’t the best first time experience 😂

After school I got a ride home. And an hour later I went to the rec center with mikey robert and anthony to play ball! It was fun, we played 5v5 and so! There were other people from Centaurus there so we got even teams. 🙂

Later I worked out for a bit and then I went home!



They are almost here 😛