We had guitar in the gym today! Our guitar teacher were setting up the sound system in the gym because during advisory it was assembly today! So after guitar I went to my Advisory classroom to meet my the people and teacher in my class and then I went back to the gym.

The whole school gathered on the bleachers! They had some announcements in the beginning and we all played some games together. Later our School police officer had some stuff to talk about. And the head man of StuCo (the ones that are hosting this event) he called out one person from each grade that would go down in front of the school and do some stuff. So of course I was the one representing the Juniors haha!! So I went down the the gym floor together with one freshman, one sophomore and one senior! Officer Wendy wanted to point out how dangerous it is to drink and drive, so we had to put on a pair of ”drunk goggles” and run thru a track made by cones and a stop sign and stuff haha. And in the end you were gonna sign your name on a big ”ticket” that you got for being drunk while driving 😛


The goggles were almost impossible to see thru and it was the same vision as you have when you have a certain percentage of alcohol in your blood. I was the fastest one ✌️ I bet the others with like 5 or 10 seconds! It was so much fun cuz the whole school was cheering on!

After the assembly EVERYBODY was like ”it’s so unfair, he’s Swedish they get drunk all the time over there!!” hahahaha 😂

Throughout the day I got comments from teachers and students about it haha!

I didn’t do a lot in practice today.. My hamstring wasn’t feeling very good so I took it easyyyy! After practice we had our first team dinner!! Everyone brought food like pizza and pasta and a lot of stuff! So we ate at school and talked and then we went home! 🙂

Fun Day!! 🙂


Kris from yesterday haha👆


En kommentar

  1. Cooper · april 10, 2015

    Funny Norwegian! Notice the feet going the other direction – can’t even stand on the mat correctly 🙂



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